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2023 World Conference on Lung Cancer (Posters)
Conference | 2023
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EP01.01. Adenocarcinoma and Small Cell Lung Cancer Risk Associated with Occupation in Women - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Prognostic Analysis and Nomogram Establishment of Synchronous Dual Primary Lung Cancer: Based on Multicenter Data - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Postoperative Course of Surgically Resected Lung Cancer Patients in Preserved Ratio Impaired Spirometry - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Poor Sleep Quality in Lung Cancer Patients - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Casual Effects of Some Chronic Respiratory Diseases on Squamous Cell Lung Cancer: A Mendelian Randomization Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Sex Difference Indicate Survival Disparity in Resected NSCLC, from a Large Chinese Cohort - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Histopathological Risk Factors Correlation in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Radiation Exposure in Intraoperative Navigation for Peripheral Small Pulmonary Nodule - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Long-term Survivals Associated with High Levels of Na+ and Ca2+ in the Blood of Patients with Stage IV Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Familial Aggregation in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Binge-Watching Frequency and Tobacco Use in Adolescents: Data from “Blaam Smoke-Free Movie” Program - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Awareness and Perceptions of Compliance with the Nigerian Tobacco Control Law Among Young Adults in Lagos, Nigeria - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Gender Differences in Clinical Course and Patient-Reported Outcomes among Patient with Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Osteoporotic Vertebral Fractures in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer : A Cracking Connection - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Genomic Alterations of Lung Cancer: Experience in Peru - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Impact of Smoking on Survival in NSCLC Patients Treated with Chemoimmunoimmunotherapy or Chemotherapy: A Real-world Data Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Evaluation of Perioperative Nintedanib for Lung Cancer with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Respirable Crystalline Silica Exposure and Lung Cancer Risk: A Review of Cut-off Points - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Risk Factors of Intraoperative Air Leakage in Anatomical Pulmonary Resection - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Provider Perspectives on a Navigational Pilot Study for Cancer Patients within a Tobacco Treatment Program - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Median Age at Lung Cancer Diagnosis in 60 Countries: An International Comparative Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Occupational Exposure and Lung Cancer Risk in Women: A Pooling Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Association between ACEI-Induced Cough and the Risk of Lung Cancer: A Mendelian Randomization Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP01.01. Gender and Lung Cancer (LC): Preliminary Data from a Prospective, Woman-Centered Local Registry - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.01. Differing Cell Cycle Responses for Alectinib and SHP099 in Variant 1 and Variant 3 ALK+ Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cell Lines - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.01. Novel Therapeutic Vulnerabilities in SOX2-dependent Squamous Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.01. Suppression of Telomerase RNA Component Induces Autophagy and Ferroptosis in Lung Cancer via Regulation of AMP-actived Protein Kinase - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.01. Androgen Receptor Suppresses Lung Cancer Invasion and Cisplatin Resistance via Decreasing TPD52 Expression - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.01. Using Silibinin to Target STAT3-Positive Reactive Astrocytes for the Treatment of NSCLC Brain Metastases - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.01. TP53 Mutation Has Significant Impact on Other Driver Genes in Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.01. DEPDC1 Expression and Mechanisms in Lung Adenocarcinoma : Insights into Proliferation and KIF2C Regulation - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.01. SOX2 Deregulated Squamous Carcinomas Are Vulnerable to AKT3 Inhibition - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.01. Synergism of KRAS G12C Inhibitor and mTOR Inhibitor in Lung Adenocarcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.01. Dysfunction of FBXL5-mediated Ferrous Iron Homeostasis Suppresses Lung Cancer Growth - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.01. CSNK1D and CSNK1E Inhibition Regulates Autophagy by Promoting Autophagic Flux in Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.01. PEG2000-PLA-Based Nanoscale Polymeric Micellar Reduces Paclitaxel-Related Toxicity in Beagles - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.02. Genomic Correlates with Ancestry in Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.02. Transcriptomic Response to Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) Across Tumor Types - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.02. Combination of Radiotherapy and PD-L1 Blockade Induces Abscopal Responses in EGFR-mutated Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.02. Microbiome in Lung Cancer: Culture-Based Analysis Using Transthoracic Needle Biopsy (TTNB) - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.02. Radiation-induced SERPINE2 Expression Inhibit Abscopal Effect in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer via Exosomes - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.02. Machine Learning for Multi-Omics Data Identifies Vulnerabilities in a Subset of Squamous Cell Lung Cancers - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.02. Identification of COL5A2+ Cancer-Associated Fibroblast in Solid Subtype of LUAD by Integrated Analysis of WGCNA and Single Cell RNA-seq - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.03. ADAR1 Knockout Results in Loss of Tumorigenicity in a Syngeneic Murine Model of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer. - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.03. Defining Genetic Instability at Tetranucleotide Repeats (EMAST) In a Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.03. The Functional and Mechanistic Role of PA28α in Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.03. Silencing of Long Non-coding RNA LINC00265 Triggers Autophagy in Lung Canerby Reducing Protein Stability ofSIN3A Oncogene - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.03. Circular RNA-mediated ceRNA Network was Indentified in Human Lung Adenocarcinoma by High-throughput Sequencing - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.03. Suppression of the Long Non-coding RNA LINC01279 Triggers Autophagy in Lung Cancer by Regulating SIN3A - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.03. LINC00629 Regulates Cell Proliferation, Migration, Invasion and Apoptosis of Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.04. The Suppressed Peritumoral Immune Microenvironment Enhances the Progression of Primary Lung Cancer And Metastatic Liver Tumor - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.04. A Nanoplatform Based on an in Situ Tumor Vaccine and Activation of STING and TLR7/8 Pathways for Enhanced NSCLC Immunotherapy - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.04. Frequency of the Number of Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells in Patients with Lung Cancer According to Tumor Pathohistological Type - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.04. PHLPP2 Enhances Anti-tumor Immunity by Promoting M1 Polarization of Macrophages via STAT3-related Pathway in NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.04. Xenotransplanted Lung Tumors Display Variable Pleomorphic Patterns in Immunosuppressed BALB/c Mice - PDF(Abstract)
EP02.04. Integrative Single Cell RNA Sequencing Reveals New Insight in Lung Cancer Microenvironment - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.01. Genetic Alterations as Independent Prognostic Factors to Predict Organ-Specific Metastases of Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.01. Molecular Characterization of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer in People Living with HIV or Solid Organ Transplants - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.01. Differences in Glucose and Energy Metabolism between Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.01. The Role of Microenvironmental Biomechanics in Lung Cancer Development and Metastasis - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.02. EGFR T790M Detection Differences by Original Mutation Types and Detection Samples - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.02. miR-4487 Enhances Gefitinib-Mediated Ubiquitination and Autophagic Degradation of EGFR in NSCLC cells by targeting USP37 - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.02. High-Throughput Screening Reveals Ceritinib as a Sensitizer for Cafs-Induced Osimertinib Resistance in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.03. IS1160 Transposon Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Detection in Lung Cancer - A Preliminary Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.03. Multi-omics Analysis of Immune Determinants of STK11 in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.03. Comprehensive Analysis of Primary Immunotherapy-resistant Genes with Regard Immune Infiltration and Prognosis in Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.03. Decoding the Immune Dysfunction of Cancer Cachexia in Lung Cancer Patients - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.03. Immunological Profiling of PD-1-Treated Murine Model Reveals Meyloid-Enriched Phenotypes - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.03. The Involvement of Tumor Endothelial Cells in the Regulation of PD-L1 and Tregs in the Immune Microenvironment of Early-stage Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.03. T-Cell Receptor Repertoire Profiling as a Predictive Biomarker for Immunotherapy in Unresectable Stage III Non-small Cell Lung (NSCLC) - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.03. Single-nucleus RNA Sequencing Dissecting the Tumor Microenvironment of Liver Metastasis of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.03. Impact of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors on the Immune Response to SARS CoV2 Vaccination in Patients with Non Small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.04. Detection of Possible Targets in Aggressive Lung Cancer Using Molecular Abundances and Catalytic Action of Serine Hydrolases - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.05. Aberrant Methylation of ZNF577 As a Potential Prognostic Biomarker for Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.05. Genomic Landscape Features of Minimally Invasive Adenocarcinoma and Invasive Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.05. Hollow-MnO2 Nanofabricated Platform Equipped with Carbon Monoxide Gas Combined with SDT Enhanced ROS Generator for Lung Cancer Treatment - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.05. RNA Sequencing to Characterize Pathways in Patients with EGFR-mutated Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.05. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Artificial Intelligence, Complex System Analysis and Computer Simulation for Best Management. - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.05. Identification of Oncogenic Non-coding Regions Inducing the ANKZF1 Expression in Lung Cancer by a Multi-omics Website Omics3D - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.06. Differential Anticancer Compound Response of Filipino Patient-derived Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells (GL01) Against A549 Cell Line - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.06. The Landscape of NF1 Alteration in Chinese Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Patients - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.06. Development of an Inhibitor for the Treatment of Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.06. Synthetic Lethality Targeting Programmed Cell Death Reverses the Osimertinib Resistance Induced by ARID1A Deficiency in LUAD - PDF(Abstract)
EP03.06. KRAS-B: Molecular Epidemiology and Clinical Outcomes of KRAS-Mutant Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) in Brazil - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.01. The PneuVision Test Detects Both Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Adenocarcinoma from Cells in Sputum - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.01. Volatile Organic Compounds in Exhaled Breath as Biomarkers for Lung Cancer. A Screening-Based Study in High-Risk Participants - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.01. Advancing Malignancy Risk Stratification for Early-Stage Cancers in Lung Nodules by Combined Imaging and Electrical Impedance Analysis - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.01. Detecting KRAS Mutations in Peripheral Blood Extracellular Vesicles in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Using Digital Droplet PCR - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.01. True Abnormal Cells in Normal Cases Detected by the PneuVision Test for Early-Stage Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.01. Double Blind Evaluation of Circulating Cancer Associated Macrophage Like (CAML) Cells for Detection of Cancer in Pulmonary Nodules - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.01. Optimal Predictors for Lung Cancer Using High-Resolution CT - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.01. The Combination of a Seven-Autoantibody Panel with Computed Tomography Scanning Can Enhance the Diagnostic Efficiency of Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.01. AI-based Detection on Low-Dose CT: A Focus on Augmenting Model Performance - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.01. METTL7A Inhibits Cell Proliferation and M2-Like Polarisation of Tumor-Associated Macrophage in Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.02. Impact of an Urban Based Lung Cancer Screening Program: Seven Year Follow-up - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.02. Implementation of an Integrated Lung Cancer Screening Program at a Large Academic Community Health System in the U.S. - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.02. Cost-Consequence Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Assisted Image Reading in Lung Cancer Screening - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.02. Screening Success: A Review of Outcomes from Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Multi-Disciplinary Lung Cancer Screening Program. - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.04. Delay in Lung Cancer Diagnosis as a result of being Diagnosed as Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Riau Province - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.04. Incidental Lung Nodule Identification and Subsequent Diagnosis of Lung Cancer in a University Hospital in Hong Kong - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.04. Impact of a Lung Nodule Program in a Tertiary Care Academic Center in the United States - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.04. Relevance of AI (qCT ) In Automated Progression Monitoring of Pulmonary Nodules in Follow-up Lung CT Scans - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.04. Ten-year CTNB Data Indicate Its Usefulness and Safety, Especially Salvage Situation after Bronchoscopy without Diagnosis - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.04. Low-Dose CT Iterative Reconstructions can Impact Lung Nodule Measurements and Type Classification - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.04. The Frequency of Incidental Lung Cancer Detected in Thorax CT During the COVID-19 Pandemic Process in Turkey - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.05. Comparison of Two Enrolment Criteria in Lung Cancer Screening Pilot Project in Estonia - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.05. Incidentally-Detected Lung Cancer in Persons Too Young or Too Old for Lung Cancer Screening. - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.05. Perspectives of Potentially Eligible Indigenous Māori on a Lung Cancer Screening Programme - A Qualitative Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.05. Impact of Magnitude of Lung Cancer Screening Benefit on Uptake - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.05. Singapore Lung Cancer Screening through Integrating CT with Other Biomarkers (SOLSTICE), A Single Arm Lung Cancer Screening Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.05. Centralized Shared Decision Making in Lung Cancer Screening: Unexpected Consequences - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.05. Improved Efficiency with Lungflag vs Opportunistic Selection in a Theoretical East Asian Lung Cancer Screening Program - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.06. Compliance with Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines Among At-Risk Patients at a Rural Teaching Hospital in West Texas - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.06. Multimodal Intervention Strategies to Improve Lung Cancer Screening for Women Undergoing Breast Screening - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.06. Qualitative Study Using Focus-Group Interviews on Cognition of Lung Cancer Screening and Symptom - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.06. Impact of a Navigational Program on Lung Cancer Screening at a Community Health Center Serving an Urban Diverse Population - PDF(Abstract)
EP04.07. Message from the Patients: What If I Wasn’t COVID 19 - PDF(Abstract)
EP05.01. An Analysis of Lymph Node Metastasis Patterns in Surgical Cases of Non-small-Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP05.01. Cryobiopsy for Peripheral Pulmonary Lesions Using a 1.1 mm Cryoprobe and Guide Sheath without Fluoroscopy: The Initial 400 Cases - PDF(Abstract)
EP05.01. A Retrospective Study on the Efficacy and Safety of Flexible Bronchoscopy in Elderly Patients with Suspected Primary Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP05.01. Predictive Factors for Hemoptysis Following CT-guided PCNB : The Role of Post-procedure CT Findings and Cough after Biopsy - PDF(Abstract)
EP05.01. Propective Study: Usefulness of D-Dimer Determination for Thromboembolic Disease Screening in Patients with Metastatic Lung Cancer. - PDF(Abstract)
EP05.01. Observation of Peripheral Airways Using Ultra-Thin Fiberscope - PDF(Abstract)
EP05.01. Lung Cancer in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema Syndrome Patients. A Complication or a Comorbidity? - PDF(Abstract)
EP05.01. Multi-scale Generator with Channel-wise Mask Attention to Generate Synthetic Contrast-enhanced Chest Computed Tomography - PDF(Abstract)
EP05.01. Lung Cancers Diagnosed in a Retrospective Cohort of Lung Nodule Patients in Singapore - PDF(Abstract)
EP05.01. A Retrospective Audit of Lung Nodules with Validation of the Brock Tool in a Singaporean Cohort - PDF(Abstract)
EP05.01. Time to Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment in the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic - PDF(Abstract)
EP05.01. Survival in Patients with Malignant Pleural Effusion Treated with a Tunneled Pleural Catheter Compared to the Lent Prognostic Score Scale - PDF(Abstract)
EP05.01. Prognosis in Terms of Invasive Non-mucinous Adenocarcinoma Grading System - PDF(Abstract)
EP05.01. Re Evaluation of a Larger Sample: Anatomical Variation Analysis of Left Upper Pulmonary Based on 3Dreconstruction of Chest CT - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.01. Concordance Between Generative AI GPT-4 and NCCN Guidelines: Biomarker-Driven Treatment Strategies in NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.01. A Circulating Tumor Cell-based Artificial Neural Network of Patients with Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.01. Evaluation of Unstained Cytology Slides for Artificial Intelligence Rapid On-Site Evaluation - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.01. Deep Learning Based Quality Assessment of DAPI Stained Nuclei Images Obtained from Routine FISH Test for Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.02. Prevalence of PD-L1 Expression in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: a Real-World Australian Perspective - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.02. Enrichment for PD-L1 High Tumors in AXL-Expressing Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.02. PD-L1 Expressions in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer and its Correlation with Imaging Findings - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.02. The Relationship between Pathologic and Molecular Characteristics and PD-L1 Expression in Surgically Resected Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.02. Agreement among Programmed Cell Death Ligand-1 Immunohistochemistry Results Using 73-10, 22C3 and 28-8 Antibodies for Lung Cancer. - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.02. Pan-cancer Analyses Reveal Immune Infiltration and Clinical Outcomes of IL7R - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.02. Tertiary Lymphoid Structures Predict Clinical Outcomes of Neoadjuvant Chemoimmunotherapy in Resectable NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. Genetic Characterization of Driving Metastasis in TP53-Mutant Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. Elucidating Tumor Heterogeneity from Spatially Resolved Transcriptomics in ALK-Rearranged Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. Molecular Alterations in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Arising in Emphysematous and Fibrotic Lungs - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. EGFR Exon 20 Insertion Mutations in NSCLC: The Need for Accurate Naming Conventions and Implications for Personalized Therapy - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. Clinical Impact of EGFR vs KRAS Mutations in Multifocal Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. Clinical Impact of Next-Generation Sequencing in KRAS-Mutated Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients: a Single-Center Experience - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. Clinical Study to Molecularly Profile Filipino Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. Characteristics of Insufficient Samples for EGFR Mutation Testing at the Lung Center of the Philippines - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. HER3 Expression in Archived Tissue Samples from Patients with NSCLC Across Various Genomic Subtypes and Characteristics - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. Characterization of KRAS Mutations in Black Patients with NSCLC at an Urban Academic Medical Center - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. Characteristics, Treatment Patterns and Outcomes of Real-World NSCLC Exon 20 Insertions in HER1 (EGFR) and HER2 (ERBB2) - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. HRR Gene Mutations- A New Biomarker for Precision Genomics Based Testing in Metastatic Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. Genomic Alterations in Advanced Lung Cancer Patients Compared via CGP and Hotspot Panel Test in a Bangladeshi Tertiary Hospital - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. Predicting ROS1 Fusions and Targetable Mutations in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer through H-score Pathological Analysis - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. Demographic and Genomic Characteristics of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients with ARID1A Alterations - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. The Prognostic Impact of Postoperative EGFR Mutation Status in Lung Cancer Patients with Stage II - III - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. Atlas: Italian Knowledge Based Database for Biomarkers Analysis In NSCLC Patients - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. Genomic Landscape of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in the Republic of Ireland - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. Molecular Testing of Pulmonary Adenosquamous Cell Carcinoma for EGFR Mutation and ALK Gene Rearrangement - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. Usefulness of Immunohistochemistry for the Detection of BRAFV600E in Lung Cancer: A Multicenter Retrospective Study in China - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.03. Implementing Next Generation Sequencing for Lung Cancer Patients in Mexico: A Real-World Study from Puebla - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.04. Challenge to Detect CTC-derived EGFR Mutation of Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma by Unique Blood-Filtration Device - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.04. FLUIDIndia:Liquid "First" Approach is a "Solid" Solution in NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.05. Molecular, Clinicopathological Characteristics of Thoracic SMARCA4‑defcientUndifferentiated Malignant Tumor -5 Cases Review- - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.05. Accuracy of Postoperative Thoracic Malignancy Diagnosis in National Respiratory Center Persahabatan Hospital - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.05. Subpleural Cystic Mesenchymal Neoplasm with Endometrial-type Stromal Proliferation: A Report of 3 Cases - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.05. SMARCA4/BRG1 Deficient Thoracic Neoplasms: Spectrum Encompassing Carcinomas to Undifferentiated Tumors - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.05. Molecular Characteristics of Lung Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma in the Chinese Population - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.05. Distant Metastasis Pattern and Baseline Clinicopathological Features from a Real-World KRAS G12C Mutant Cohort of Advanced NSCLC Patients - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.05. Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Associated to Dipnech: A Clinico-Pathological Analysis of 32 Cases - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.05. Efficacy of Preoperative Biopsy in Predicting the Newly Proposed Histologic Grade of Resected Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.05. Computational Pathology-Based Assessment of cMET IHC Expression for Patient Selection in the Treatment of MET Overexpressing NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.05. Immunohistochemical Features in Tissue Microarray in Pleomorphic Carcinoma of the Lungs - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.05. Histopathologic Changes of the Perioperative Pirfenidone Therapy in Lung Cancer with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.05. Validation of the IASLC Grading System of Invasive Adenocarcinoma of the Lung in Small Volume Center - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.05. Twelve Cell Death Patterns-Related Classification of the Immune Microenvironment and Prognosis Prediction of LUSC - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.05. STAS and Expression of EMT-markers in Surgically Resected Lung Pleomorphic Carcinomas - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.06. Insulin Like Growth Factor 2 mRNA Binding Protein3 is a Novel Post-Transcriptional Regulator of Lung Adenocarcinoma Malignancy - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.06. Correlation between Vitamin C and CRP Serum Levels in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Patient Among Sumatera Utara Population - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.06. The Expression of MIR-320B in Extracellular Vesicles as a Prognostic factor for Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.06. The Expression of MIR-320B in Extracellular Vesicles as a Prognostic Factor for Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma (2) - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.06. Circular RNA hsa_circ_0067705 Expression as a Potential Diagnostic Biomarker for Malignant Pleural Effusion - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.06. Plasma Extracellular Vesicle miR-10b-5p as a Biomarker for Progressivity, Survivorship and Treatment Response in NSCLC Patients - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.06. Surveying for Lung Cancer after Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis at Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital - Viet Nam in 5 year (2017 - 2021) - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.06. Comparison of RICTOR FISH and Rictor Immunohistochemistry in Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.06. Clinical Significance of the Presence of MECA-79-Positive Tumor Cells in Pathological Stage IA Invasive Adenocarcinoma of the Lung - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.06. Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts and Estrogen Receptor Beta in Lung Cancer with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.06. Expression of miR-30a-5p in Expression of Mir-30A-5P in Extracellular Vesicle as a Prognostic Biomarker for Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Therapy - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.06. EBUS as a Novel Procedure for Microbiome Collection and Analysis in NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.06. Fibronectin Promotes Tumor Angiogenesis and Progression of Non-small-Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.06. High Circulating Activin a Plasma Level Is Associated with Advanced Tumor Stage and Poor Prognosis in Lung Squamous Cell Cancer Patients - PDF(Abstract)
EP06.06. Epigenetic Silencing of MYO1E in a US Veterans Cohort with Lung Adenocarcinoma and the Effect on Overall Survival - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Nomogram for Predictingprognosis andAdjuvant Chemotherapy BenefitsinEarly-stageInvasive Mucinous Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Perioperative Outcomes & Strategies for Pleomorphic Carcinoma in Lung - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. A Study of the Characteristics of Lung Cancer Surgery Cases in the Elderly and the Usefulness of the Japanese NCD risk calculator - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Lead-Time Bias in Surgically Resected Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Diagnosed Through Different Pathways of Care - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Comparison of Surveillance with Contrast Chest CT and Non-contrast Chest CT among who Survived 2 Years after Curative Resection for Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Development of a Shared Decision-Making Tool for Adjuvant Treatment for Patients with Resected Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Can the Use of New Haemostatic Agent Improve Short Term Outcomes of Surgically Treated Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients? - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Ablation of Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in Patients With Interstitial Lung Disease: A Multicenter Retrospective Cohort Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. A Retrospective Study on the Methods of Covering Bronchial Stump/Anastomotic Site to Avoid the Bronchopleural Fistula after Lung Cancer Surgery - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Definitive Chemoradiation versus Radiation Alone for Stage II Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. A National Cancer Database Analysis - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Assessing Morphometric Complexity in Lung Parenchyma of NSCLC Patients with IPF Undergoing Radiotherapy - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Utility of Bronchus-First Right Upper Lobectomy as a Routine Technique - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. The Relationship of FDG PET-SUVm and Glucose Metabolism and Contribution to Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Survival - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Adjuvant Chemotherapy is Less Effective in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Rated Undernourished by CONUT Score - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Factors Affecting Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in Surgical Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. A 22 to 23G Intraoperative Needle Biopsy Does Not Affect Recurrence of Preoperatively Undiagnosed Stage 1 Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Identifying the Optimal Number of Lymph Node Stations for Improving Survival in Resections for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Patients with Early-Stage Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Inoperable - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Surgical Treatment of Lung Cancer in Patients Over the Age of 75 Years: Single Cancer Centre Experience - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Implementation and Safety of a Same-day Discharge Program for Minimally-invasive Pulmonary Resection - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Is Chemical Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis Necessary After Lung Cancer Resection? A 10-year T-ERAS Experience - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. The Impact of Comorbidities on Exercise Level after Treatment for Early-Stage Lung Cancer Patients - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Local Control & Toxicity Results of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy in Central Lung Tumors - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. What Is a Risk Factor for Postoperative Home Oxygen Therapy in Primary Lung Cancer Patients? - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Predictors of Poor Quality of Life Following Lung Cancer Surgery - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Preoperative Respiratory Assessment Predicts Post-Operative Survival in Stage IA Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Long Term Outcomes beyond Five Years after Pulmonary Resection for Non Small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.01. Recurrence Patterns and Prognostic Factors for Relapse in Operated Lung Cancers - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.02. Evaluation of the Efficacy of Oral Bacterial Lysates in Patients with High-risk Lung Nodules Detected by CT Screening - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.02. Impact of Neoadjuvant Immunotherapy on Surgical Management for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer:A Multi-center Survey of Current Practice from China - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.02. The Prediction of Pathological Pleural Invasion of Lung Cancer by Artificial Intelligence Image Analysis - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.02. A Three-Dimensional Computed Tomography Analysis of Residual Lung Volume Changes after Segmentectomy for Non-small-Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.02. MIDRIXNEO-LUNG: Safety and Immunogenicity of a Neoantigen-Presenting Autologous Dendritic Cell Therapy in Resected NSCLC Patients - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.02. Prospective Study of Hypofractionated Proton Therapy for Inoperable Early Stage Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.02. Comparison of ICG and Methylene Blue in Preoperative Dye Marking Localization of Pulmonary Nodules Under the Guidance of ENB - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.02. Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy vs Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Ultra-Central Lung Tumors - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.02. Adjuvant Chemotherapy with Nanoparticle Albumin-Bound Paclitaxel and Carboplatin for Stage IB Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.02. Navigational Bronchoscopy: Driving to the Nodule Drives Your Patients to Earlier Stage - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.02. The Role of Online MR-guided Multi-Fraction Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy in Lung Tumors - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.02. Utilization of Real-time MRI-guided Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy in NSCLC, One Step forward Precise Targeting in Radiotherapy - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.02. Image-Guided Thermal Ablation of Early-Stage Non-small Cell Lung Cancer; Five-Year Outcome - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.02. Longitudinal ctDNA Testing in Resected, Early Stage Non-small Cell Lung Cancers - PDF(Abstract)
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EP07.02. The Utility of Postoperative ctDNA Detection in Guiding Adjuvant Therapy for Resectable Stage III Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.03. Meeting the Quality Metric for Minimum Lymph Node Harvest for Robotic Lobectomy for Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.03. Pulmonary Ligament Approach for Robot-Assisted S9 or S9 and 10 Segmentectomy - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.03. Uniportal Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery Simple Segmentectomy versus Complex Segmentectomy in Lung Cancer Patients - PDF(Abstract)
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EP07.03. Oncological Outcomes After Uniportal Versus Multiportal Thoracoscopic Lobectomy for Lung Cancer Patients - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.03. Challenges in Robotic Lobectomy of the Lung through the Anterior Approach - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.03. Negative Impacts of Mediastinal Lymph Node Dissection Forstage I Ground Glass Opacity Pulmonary Lesions - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.03. Impact of Tumor Location on Surgical Margin in Segmentectomy and Wedge Resection - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.03. A Minimally Invasive Open Surgery Approach Is Superior to VATS with Respect to Intraoperative Outcomes during Lung Cancer Surgery - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.03. Effects of Preoperative Diabetes Mellitus on Postoperative Outcomes after Robotic-Assisted Video-Thoracoscopic Pulmonary Lobectomy - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.03. Effects of Intraoperative Trainees on Outcomes after Robotic-Assisted Pulmonary Lobectomy - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.03. Effect of Lymph Node Dissection on Recurrence and Survival Following Thoracoscopic Segmentectomy for Early-Stage Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.03. Nodal Upstaging in Uniportal VATS Lobectomy for Early-Stage Lung Cancer: Is It Fair? - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.03. Early PROs after Thoracoscopic Segmentectomy versus Wedge Resection for Small-sized Peripheral NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.03. Robotic Lung Cancer Program: Initial Experience and Results - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Free Circulating and Extracellular Vesicles-Derived microRNA as Prognostic Biomarkers in Resected Early-Stage NSCLC: RESTING Study Results - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Real-World Data Based on EGFR Mutation Status in Early-Stage NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Analyze Gene Changes Characteristics of MSLAs in Genomic Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. High-Risk Clinicopathologic and Genomic Features of Recurrence in Stage I Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Spread through Air Spaces in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer. Clinical and Pathological Associations - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. ALK Rearrangement Is Associated with Early Lymphatic Spread in Resected LUAD with Negative Preoperative Mediastinal Staging - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Early-Stage Low Malignant Potential Adenocarcinomas: A Histological Category With A Significantly Better Prognosis - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Immune Cell States as Predictors of Survival in Surgically Treated Stage I Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Pleural CEA and SUVmax as Predictors of Visceral Pleural Invasion in Clinical T1N0M0 Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
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EP07.04. Clinicopathological Features and Postoperative Prognosis of Bubble-like Appearance Type Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Comparison of Pathologic Outcomes Following Neoadjuvant Regimens in Resectable Locally Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Pathologic Risk Factors for Recurrence in Early Stage Invasive Lung Adenocarcinoma with Tumor Spread through Air Spaces - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Diagnosis, Treatment Patterns and Outcomes in Patients with RET Fusion-Positive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) in China - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Occult Lymph Node Metastasis Is Not a Favorable Factor for Resected NSCLC Patients - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Study on the Regulatory Mechanism of OM-85 BV on the Immune Microenvironment of Clinical Early-stage Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Factors Associated with Postoperative Recurrence in Early NSCLC with EGFR Mutation: Analysis of Korean National Population Data - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Clinical and Molecular Profile and Risk Factors of Stage IA NSCLC Relapsing after Radical Resection - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Identification of Tumor Microenvironment and Prognosis Risk Prediction through Proteomics Analysis in Stage I Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Lymphatic Vascular Invasion: Diagnostic Variability and Overall Survival Impact on Patients Undergoing Surgical Resection of NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Current Biomarker Testing Practices for Early Stage Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) In Community and Academic Centers in the US - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Telomerase-Based Circulating Tumor Cell Detection for the Treatment Response Prediction in Patients with Non-small-Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Histopathologic Fate of Resected Pulmonary Pure Ground Glass Nodule: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Construction of Genome Atlas for lung Nodule and Molecular Insight into Lung Adenocarcinoma Development in Chinese Population - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Real-World Biomarker Testing and Treatment Patterns Identified Using Machine Learning in Early Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.04. Analysis of Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation for Subsolid Lung Adenocarcinoma Using the Whole-Mount Section Technique: A Prospective Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.05. Postoperative Recurrence Pattern and the Role of Adjuvant Therapy in Radiological Solid-Predominant Part-Solid Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.05. NEOEAST: A Phase II Study of Ensartinib as Neoadjuvant Therapy for Stage II-IIIB ALK-rearranged Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.05. Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy or Chemo-IO in Resectable KRAS-Mutated Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Patients: Single Center Experience - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.05. CDDP/TS1 Followed by Maintenance TS1 as Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Completely Resected Stage II-IIIA Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.05. Adjuvant Aumolertinib in Resected EGFR-Mutated Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Impact on Residual GGO Lesions - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.05. Minimal Residual Lesion Might Predict Adequate Cycles for Neoadjuvant Immunotherapy in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.05. Real-World Outcomes of Adjuvant Cisplatin/Vinorelbine vs Cisplatin/Pemetrexed in Resected Non-Squamous NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.05. Application of Neoadjuvant Chemoimmunotherapy in A Specific Group of Stage IB NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.05. Oncologic Outcomes of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy in Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients with Interstitial Lung Disease - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.05. Efficacy and Safety of Osimertinib Therapy in High-Risk Stage I EGFRm NSCLC after R0 Resection(OSTAR): A Prospective, Single-Arm Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.05. The Impact of COVID-19 on Both the Diagnosis and Surgical Outcomes of Lung Cancer in Korea - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.05. The Efficacy of Neoadjuvant Chemoimmunotherapy versus Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Resectable NSCLC, a Comparison Research from Real World - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.05. Prognostic Factors in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Treated with Chemoimmunotherapy or Chemotherapy: A Real-World Data Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.05. MPR and pCR Rates after Neoadjuvant Chemo-immunotherapy for Stage III Non small Cell Lung Cancer. - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.05. Aumolertinib as Neoadjuvant Therapy for EGFR-mutated Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Subcohort Analysis of the PURPOSE Trial - PDF(Abstract)
EP07.05. Spontaneous Ventilation Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery for Super-elderly NSCLC Patients: a Noninferiority Study. - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.01. Subtyping EGFR-mutated NSCLC Patients with Adjuvant TKIs or Chemotherapy Using Deep Radiomic Signatures - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.01. Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Reveals Unique Immune Landscape in Rare-Mutant Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Undergoing Chemo-Immunotherapy - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.01. Lymphocyte Count Pre-immunotherapy Predicts Progression-Free Survival in Stage III NSCLC Treated with Chemoradiotherapy and Immunotherapy - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Parameters of FDG PET/CT Predicting Pathological Response to Neoadjuvant Immunotherapy in Stage II/III Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Real World Chemoradiotherapy Outcomes for Frail Older Adults with Unresectable Stage III Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Real World Experience of Survival Outcomes in Consolidative Durvalumab in Unresectable Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Real-World Disease-Free Survival (DFS) in Non-metastatic Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC): A German I-O Optimise Analysis - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Neoadjuvant Immunochemotherapy Combined with Probiotic Supplements in Stage IIB-IIIB NSCLC: A Real-World Prospective Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Neoadjuvant Therapy, Still a Contraindication to VATS Lobectomy or is it a New Indication? - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. FDG PET Scan Based Response Assesment in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treated With Chemoradiotherapy And Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Lymphovascular Invasion Prediction with CT images in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Comprehensive Assessment of Pulmonary Function in Patients Receiving Radical (Chemo)Radiotherapy for Carcinoma Lung - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Clinicopathological Analyses for Predicting Survival After Salvage Surgery for Initially Unresectable Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Dosimetric Contribution of LAD Sparing Radiotherapy Plan in Patients with Postoperative Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Dosimetric Contribution of LAD Artery Sparing RT Plan in Lung Cancer Patients Who Received Definitive RT - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Association of the Benefit of Durvalumab Consolidation Therapy and Driver Mutation Status for Locally Advanced Non-small Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Prognostic Role of Baseline PET/CT Parameters in Frail Patients with Inoperable Node-Positive Stage IIB-IIIC/Recurrent NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Moderately Hypofractionated PET/CT-Based Thoracic Radiotherapy in Elderly and Multimorbid Patients with Stage II/III NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Higher Radiation Dose to Immune Cells is a Negative Prognostic Factor in Locally Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (LA-NSCLC) - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Comparison of Long-term Survival of Patients With Locally Advanced Lung Cancer After Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery Versus Thoracotomy - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. The Value of Combined Immunotherapy in Neoadjuvant Regimen for Patients with Resectable Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Correlation of Quantified Metabolic Activity with Gross Tumor Volume in Patients with Non Small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. A Prospective Study of Gallium-68 Ventilation and Perfusion PET/CT Before, During, and After Radiotherapy in Patients with NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Robot-Assisted Thoracic Surgery for Locally Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer in a Japanese Single Institution - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Survival Outcome Comparison of Stage III and IV NSCLC Patients in Latvia and Israel: An Analysis of Treatment Approaches - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Is Early Cessation of Chemoradiotherapy Preventing Access to Adjuvant Immunotherapy for Patients with Stage III NSCLC? - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Neoadjuvant Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor plus Chemotherapy for Resectable Non-small Cell Lung Cancer in Real World - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. A Case of Persistent Complete Response To Personalized Osimertinib and Concurrent Chemoradiation for Stage IIIC EGFRm NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Trimodality Treatment of Superior Sulcus non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. An Institutional Series of 47 Consecutive Patients. - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Is Moderate-intensity Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Ultra-central Lung Tumor a Feasible Option? - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Durvalumab as Maintenance in Patients who Received Chemoradiotherapy for Unresectable Stage III NSCLC: RWD from an EAP in Brazil (LACOG 0120) - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Long-Term Efficacy and Safety of Tislelizumab Plus Chemotherapy as Neoadjuvant/Adjuvant Therapy for IIB-III NSCLC: A Retrospective Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Optimal Planning Target Volume Margins for Spirometer-Based DIBH Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Induction Immunochemotherapy Before Definitive Chemoradiotherapy for Unresectable Locally Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Evaluation of Treatment Strategies for Patients with Stage IIIA Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in the Immunotherapy Era - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Prognostic Impacts of Lymphovascular Invasion of Resected Lung Adenocarcinoma after Induction Chemoradiotherapy - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Definitive Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy with or without Immunotherapy for Stage IIb-III NSCLC: An Institutional Experience - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Dosimetric Comparison of Free- Breathing versus Respiratory Motion-managed Radiotherapy with 4D-CT Based VMAT in Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.02. Management of Inoperable Locally Advanced Stage III ALK fusion Positive NSCLC: A Retrospective Multi-institutional Analysis - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.03. Copy Number Variants and Late Somatic Mutations Underlying Tumor Progression in NADIM Clinical Trials - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.03. Nivolumab Plus Ipilimumab in Relapsed Stage III Non-small Cell Lung Cancer after Durvalumab Following Chemoradiotherapy - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.03. S-1 and CDDP with Concurrent TRT Followed by Durvalumab in Elderly Population with Unresectable, LA-NSCLC in Japan: Post-hoc Analysis of SAMURAI - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.03. MicroDurva: A Prospective Study to Investigate the Role of Microbiome in Predicting the AEs from Durvalumab in Post-CCRT NSCLC Patients - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.03. Role of DCE MRI in Predicting Treatment Response to Induction Immunochemotherapy in Locally Advanced NSCLC Patients - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.04. Predictors and Outcomes of Pneumonitis in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients treated with Consolidative Durvalumab - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.04. Evaluating Safety Profiles of Radiation-Related Toxicities in Thoracic Re-Irradiation - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.04. Acute Postoperative Pain is the Most Severe at the Site of Chest Tube Insertion in Multiportal Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery - PDF(Abstract)
EP08.04. Development of a Risk Score to Predict Postoperative Complications in Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.01. Feasibility and Survival Outcomes of “Salvage Surgery” for Initially Clinical Stage IV Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.01. Clinical Outcome of Palliative Thoracic Radiotherapy in Advanced Lung Cancer in the Modern Era - A Single Institution Experience - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.01. Hypofractionated Radiotherapy for Elderly Lung Cancer Patients - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.01. Surgical Treatment in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer with Pulmonary Oligometastasis; 26 Years of Experience in a Single Center - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.01. Is Palliative Thoracic Radiation Beneficial in Stage IV Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) In the Era of Modern Systemic Therapy? - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.01. Outcomes of Surgical Treatment for Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) in a Population-Based Cohort - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.01. Reverse Endobronchial Y-stent Implantation in Selected Cases of the Malignant Central Airway Obtruction - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.02. Combination Of EGFR-TKIs And Radiotherapy In Stage IV LUAD - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.02. Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Synergizes Immunotherapy in Advanced or Recurrent NSCLC: A Single-center Experience - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.02. A Phase II Study on Aggressive Local Consolidative Therapy in Combination With Chemotherapy for Oligometastic NSCLC: TORG1529 - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.02. Operative and Mid-Term Oncologic Outcomes of the Surgery as a Form of Local Consolidation for Oncogenic-Driven Advanced NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.02. Fibrates Enhances Radiotherapy Efficacy by Elevating HDL Levels to Induce Tumor Cell Ferroptosis in NSCLC with Brain Metastasis - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.02. Long-term Efficacy of Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields 150 kHz) in metastatic NSCLC: A Case Report - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.03. Outcomes of Extracranial SBRT for Induced Oligopersistant and Oligoprogressive NSCLC Combined with Novel Systemic Therapies - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.03. Local Ablation Induces Abscopal Effects and Improves the Efficacy of Continuous ICIs in Advanced NSCLC Patients with Oligo-progression - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.04. Prognostic Factors for Patients With KRAS Mutated Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Brain Metastases - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.04. Preoperative Circulating Tumor DNA Status Predicts Pathological Response in Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.04. Survival of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer with and without Brain Metastasis - Shifting to a Merging Survival Curves Era - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.05. Ionizing Radiation Induces Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Senescence through Activating NF-κB/CTCF/p16 Pathway - PDF(Abstract)
EP09.05. Changes in Pulmonary Function Following Single and Multi-Fraction Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Pulmonary Oligometastatic Disease - PDF(Abstract)
EP10.01. DDR1 Mediated Glycolysis Regulates the Synergistic Effect of Anlotinib and Docetaxel in Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP10.01. Chemotherapy Outcomes in EGFR-TKI Resistant Patients: A Comparison of Common and Uncommon EGFR Mutation Subtypes - PDF(Abstract)
EP10.01. A Phase 1/2 Study of REGN5093-M114, a METxMET Antibody-Drug Conjugate, in Patients with MET-Overexpressing NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP10.01. First-Line Treatment for Driver-Gene Negative Metastatic Lung Adenocarcinoma with MPE: A Multicenter Retrospectively Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP10.01. Retrospective Analysis of Real-World Treatment Patterns and Survival Outcomes for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients in Thailand - PDF(Abstract)
EP10.01. Predictors of Survival for Docetaxel as a Subsequent Line after Progression to Platinum-Based Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy - PDF(Abstract)
EP10.01. Clinical Features and Outcome Evaluation of Patients with Non-small-Cell Lung Cancer: A Single Center Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP10.01. Relationship Between Age and Chemotherapy Regimen for Elderly Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP10.01. Added Serum Albumin to Lung-mol GPA Score Improves Prediction of Overall Survival in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients with Brain Metastasis - PDF(Abstract)
EP10.01. Retrospective Study on Outcomes and Treatment Options for Patients with NSCLC Progression after Treatment with Durvalumab - PDF(Abstract)
EP10.01. Efficacy of Intraventricular Chemotherapy with Pemetrexed for Leptomeningeal Metastasis from Lung Adenocarcinoma: A Retrospective Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP10.01. Patterns of Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy & Overall Survival of Stage IV NSCLC at Tertiary General Hospital - PDF(Abstract)
EP10.01. Evaluating Osimertinib Induced Pneumonitis in EGFR Advanced Lung Cancer in a Real World Clinical Practice. - PDF(Abstract)
EP10.01. Efficacy and Safety of Nintedanib and Docetaxel in Patients with Lung Adenocarcinoma: A Multicenter Real-world Analysis - PDF(Abstract)
EP10.01. Sarcopenia as a Predictive Factor of Carboplatin Toxicity in Patients with Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP10.01. Relationship between Impaired Fasting Glucose and Prognosis of the Disease in Patients with Advanced Stage Non-small Cell Lung Cancer. - PDF(Abstract)
EP10.01. Treatment Patterns and Clinical Outcomes among Advanced NSCLC Patients with EGFR exon 20 Insertion Mutations in China - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.01. Final Analysis of First-Line Chemo-Immunotherapy in Patients with Advanced Lung Adenocarcinoma: An Italian Real-World Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.01. A Multicenter Study of the Association between TTF-1 and Immunochemotherapy in Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.01. Neutrophil to Lymphocite Ratio in Patients Treated with Immunotherapy after Progression on Chemotherapy - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.01. Does Tumor Microvessel Density Predict Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Metastatic Non Small Cell Lung Cancer? - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.01. ICTIS: A Novel Scoring System to Assess the Inclusivity of Metastatic Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Immunotherapy Trials - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.01. SPD-CD40L Prevents Tumor Growth via Recruitment of Immune Cells to the Tumor Microenvironment - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.01. Low NLR Predicted Overall Survival Benefit of Pembrolizumab and Chemotherapy Combination in Patients with NSCLC and Low PD-L1 Expression - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.01. GSDME-dependent Pyroptosis Affects the Prognosis and Response to Immunotherapy in Lung Adenocarcinoma - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.01. Study on Biomarkers for Predictive the Clinical Efficacy of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Immunotherapy - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.01. Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in the Treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Does Histology Matter? - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.01. Clinical Significance of Soluble PD-1 and PD-L1 in Plasma of NSCLC Patients Treated with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.01. Prediction of NSCLC Immunotherapy Outcomes Across Multiple Clinical Indicators - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.01. The Value of PD-L1 in Circulating Tumor Cells in Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Receiving Immunotherapy - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.02. Nivolumab as Maintenance Therapy Following Platinum-Based Chemotherapy in EGFR-mutant Lung Cancer Patients After TKI Failure - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.02. Phase I Study of Epacadostat in Combination with Sirolimus in Solid Tumors and PK Data. - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.02. First Line Sintilimab plus Anlotinib vs Platinum-based Chemotherapy in Metastatic NSCLC (SUNRISE): Updated Efficacy and Safety Analysis - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.02. Efficacy and Safety of Camrelizumab plus Famitinib in Previously Treated Patients with Advanced Non Small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.02. Atezolizumab vs Single-Agent Chemo in NSCLC Patients Ineligible for a 1L Platinum Regimen: Asian Subgroup Analysis of IPSOS - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.02. Dostarlimab + CT vs Pembrolizumab + CT in Metastatic Non-Squamous NSCLC: Asian Subgroup Analyses of the PERLA Trial - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.02. Predictive Toxicity and Response to Immunotherapy in Patients with Metastatic Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (IMMUNOPREDICT) - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.02. Rh-endostatin Combined With PD-1 inhibitors as First-line Treatment for EGFR/ALK-Negative, Non-squamous NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.02. Efficacy and Safety of Combining Envafolimab with Endostar in Advanced NSCLC : A Multi-Center Prospective Study (Endouble) - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Characterizing Neurologic Immune-related Adverse Events Using Consensus Disease Definitions - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Patient-Reported Fatigue in Lung Cancer Patients Undergoing Immunotherapy: A Real-Life Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Multi-Institutional Retrospective Study for the Efficacy of ICIs plus Platinum-Based Chemotherapy for EGFR Mutated NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Molecular Characterization and Prognosis of Patients with KRAS Mutant Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Prognosis of Immunotherapy plus Whole Brain Radiotherapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients with Brain Metastases - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Long-term Outcomes and Toxicity in Patients with Metastatic Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Treated with Immunotherapy Containing Regimens - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Multicenter Pharmacokinetic Study of Pembrolizumab for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in Older Adults Aged Over 75 Years - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Profile of Patients with NSCLC Who Benefit from Immunochemotherapy. Real-World Data from the Multicenter Polish Lung Cancer Group Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. ​Similar Efficacy Observed for Frontline Immunotherapy in Ethnic-Minority Patients with Metastatic NSCLC - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Site-Specific Response Patterns in Patients with Advanced NSCLC Treated with First-Line Systemic Therapy - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Real-World Efficacy of Atezolizumab in Patients with Previously Treated Advanced NSCLC in Spain - TRACKER Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. The Economic Burden of Lung Cancer (NSCLC) In the County of Gävleborg - Sweden - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Sarcopenia Is a Poor Predictive Prognostic Factor for Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Who Were Treated with Immune Check Point Inhibitors - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Re-immunotherapy with Nivolumab plus Ipilimumab in Advanced NSCLC Patients Previously Treated with Anti-PD-(L)1 Antibody - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Outcomes of Immunotherapy vs Chemotherapy as First-Line Treatment in Advanced NSCLC: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Optimal Duration of Immune Checkpoint Inhbitors in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: Less Is More? - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Anti-angiogenic Therapy or Immunotherapy? A Multicenter Study of Patients with Advanced NSCLC with EGFR / HER2 exon 20 Insertion Mutations - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Real World Experience of First Line Pembrolizumab for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) at a Tertiary Centre - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Incidence of Cardiotoxicity in Patients Treated for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Proton Pump Inhibitors’ Impact on the Effectiveness of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Efficacy of Nivolumab + Ipilimumab Vs other First-line Treatments for Metastatic NSCLC with PD-L1 <1%: a Network Meta-analysis - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. The Efficacy of Immunotherapy and Chemoimmunotherapy in STK11, KEAP1 & KRAS Gene Mutations in Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. A Novel Approach for Personalized Strategy of Cancer Immunotherapy with Pattern Identification: From the Results of the HARMONY Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Real-World Outcomes with Immunotherapy Compared to Chemoimmunotherapy in Metastatic NSCLC with High PDL1 Expression - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Tislelizumab Plus Platinum-Based Chemotherapy as First-Line Treatment for Advanced Lung Cancer with KRAS Mutation in China - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Real World Outcomes after Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy in Patients with Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in Europe - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Immunotherapy and Overall Survival in Advanced NSCLC: A Systematic Review of Randomised Trials - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. What Are Favorable Clinicopathological Factors and Types of Therapy for Postoperatively Recurrent NSCLC Patients? - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Quantification of Interstitial Lung Abnormality Using Deep Learning in Cancer Patients Who Underwent Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Dose the Histological Subtype of NSCC-NOS Affect the Efficacy of 1st-Line PD-1/PD-L1 Inhibitors with or without Chemotherapy? - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Prognostic Value of Body Mass Index and Serum Lipid for First-line Immunotherapy in Patients with Advanced NSCLC: A Retrospective Study - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Clinical Impact of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Following Platinum Chemotherapy in Advanced or Metastatic Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients - PDF(Abstract)
EP11.03. Impact of KRAS Mutation Subtype and Comutations across PD-L1 Levels in aNSCLC Patients Treated with (Chemo)Immunotherapy - PDF(Abstract)