LCC in French: Managing Locally Advanced NSCLC
Podcast | French | 46 Min
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Host Dr. Alfredo Addeo, Senior Oncologist, Geneva University Hospital, in Geneva, Switzerland moderates a special French-language episode of Lung Cancer Considered focusing on managing locally advanced NSCLC. The guests for this special podcast are Dr. Cecile Le Pechoux, Radiation Oncologist at Department of Radiation Oncology Unit of Thoracic Oncology, Soft Tissue Sarcomas and Mesenchymal Tumour, and Dr. Jonathan Spicer, Associate Professor, Division of Thoracic Surgery. Director, McGill Thoracic Oncology Network, McGill University, Montreal General Hospital.
Dr. Alfredo Addeo
Dr. Cecile Le Pechoux
Dr. Jonathan Spicer
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