Global Access to Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer
Webinar | English | 1 Hr 05 Min
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This webinar will describe the current landscape and challenges to deliver RT for lung cancer, with an emphasis on low-and middle-income countries (LMICs) and geographically underserved regions of high-income countries. This webinar is designed to meet the educational needs of physicians, nurses and allied health professionals, patient advocates, and researchers specializing in palliative care, medical oncology, thoracic surgery, and radiation oncology. Early career radiation oncologists and medical oncologists with a focus on global health will also benefit from this webinar.
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At the end of this webinar, learners will be able to:
Describe the current global RT capacity and identify the unique challenges for treating lung cancer with RT in LMIC.
Summarize the main barriers to access RT for lung Cancer, the necessary human capacity to provide RT, and challenges to train Radiation Oncologists, Therapists, and Medical Physicians in LMICs.
Describe research and innovation efforts aiming at addressing these disparities.
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