JTO Clinical and Research Reports, Sept 2023, Volume 4, Issue 9
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Original Articles:
  • Extrathoracic Metastases in Pleural Mesothelioma
  • Predictive Value of Combined Positive Score and Tumor Proportion Score for Immunotherapy Response in Advanced NSCLC
  • Tumoral Densities of T-Cells and Mast Cells Are Associated With Recurrence in Early-Stage Lung Adenocarcinoma
  • Prognostic Implication of KRAS G12C Mutation in a Real-World KRAS-Mutated Stage IV NSCLC Cohort Treated With Immunotherapy in The Netherlands
  • Clinical Relevance of Patient-Derived Organoid of Surgically Resected Lung Cancer as an In Vitro Model for Biomarker and Drug Testing
  • Subtype of SCLC Is an Intrinsic and Persistent Feature Through Systemic Treatment
Brief Reports:
  • Capmatinib-Induced Liver Injury as Emerging Toxicity of MET Inhibitors in Patients With NSCLC Pretreated With Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
  • Brief Report: Acetaminophen Reduces Neoadjuvant Chemoimmunotherapy Efficacy in Patients With NSCLC by Promoting Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Formation: Analysis From a Phase 2 Clinical Trial
  • Patient Report on the Impact of Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Living With Lung Cancer
Review Articles
  • Management Paradigm of Central Nervous System Metastases in NSCLC: An Australian Perspective
JTO Clinical and Research Reports is the official open access journal of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer. It aims to complement the Journal of Thoracic Oncology by offering authors a gold open access publication option and publishing the following article types in particular:
  • Phase I trials
  • Well performed single-arm phase II trials
  • Subset analyses of published trials
  • Impactful retrospective Studies
  • Database analysis
  • Large institutional series
  • High-quality case reports
  • Region-specific clinical trials
  • Subspecialty thoracic oncology studies
  • Selected high-quality meeting reports
As an open access journal with no subscription charges, JTO CRR requires authors to pay a fee to cover the costs associated with publication. This ensures your article will be immediately and permanently free to access by everyone.
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