LCC in Mandarin Chinese: Treating Lung Cancer in China
Podcast | Mandarin | 56 Min
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In this special edition of Lung Cancer Considered, three esteemed oncologists and lung cancer experts explore the issues facing the medical profession in China.

Host Dr. Chunxia Su, Professor of Oncology at Tongji University and Deputy Director of Medical Oncology at Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, welcomes guests Prof. Shun Lu, Director of the Chinese Lung Cancer Association, Board Member of the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology, and Director of the Shanghai Lung Cancer Center; and Prof. Caicun Zhou, Chief Physician and Director of Medical Oncology at Tongji University in Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital and current member of the IASLC Board of Directors.
Dr. Chunxia Su
Prof. Shun Lu
Prof. Caicun Zhou
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