LCC on World No Tobacco Day
Podcast | English | 2024 | 34 Min
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May 31st is World No Tobacco Day, and to observe this, Lung Cancer Considered host Dr. Narjust Florez leads a discussion on smoking cessation and how to honor the need for smoking cessation counseling without contributing to stigma. Smoking tobacco products (primarily cigarettes) is an important risk factor for the development of lung cancer, and secondhand smoke is also a significant cause of lung cancer. Worldwide, smoking accounts for approximately two-thirds of lung cancer cases. 

Podcast Hosts:
  • Narjust Florez, MD, Associate Director of the Cancer Care Equity Program and Thoracic Medical Oncologist, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA 

Podcast Guests: 

  • Kathryn Taylor, MD, Professor in the Department of Oncology, Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Washington, DC, USA
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