Lung Cancer Care in the Rural US
Podcast | English | 2022 | 43 Min
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Lung cancer research is often centered at large, urban academic medical centers. But what research and treatment options are available for those patients with lung cancer who live in rural areas? In this episode of Lung Cancer Considered, host Dr. Narjust Florez discusses the state of rural lung cancer care and research with Dr. Debora Bruno, a thoracic medical oncologist at Case Western in Cleveland. Dr. Bruno worked in rural Nebraska for three years after the completion of her fellowship where she was able to help establish a multi-disciplinary clinic for patients with lung cancer. Also participating in the podcast is Dr. Gabrielle Rocque, associate professor of medicine at the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Alabama. Dr. Rocque has a strong interest in the interface between community oncology practices and academia.
Dr. Narjust Florez
Dr. Debora Bruno
Dr. Gabrielle Rocque
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