Patient Advocacy Groups for NSCLC
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Host Dr. Narjust Florez engages with three leading lung cancer patient advocates on the importance of patient advocacy groups, how these were formed, challenges when managing large patient advocacy groups and the future of patient advocacy in lung cancer.

Janet Freeman-Daily is a cancer patient research advocate and activist who translates the experience and science of cancer for others. She was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in 2011 and metastatic ROS1+ lung cancer in 2012. She collaborates, writes, and speaks with cancer organizations both internationally and within the USA, and blogs at Gray Connections.

Seamus Cotter is from Ireland and was diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC lung cancer in June 2016 and has shared his experiences with immunotherapy on many global platforms. Since his diagnosis, Seamus has been involved in drug development and the improvement of clinical trials in lung cancer. He is deeply involved in the Irish Lung Cancer Community and a Patient Consultant on the lung group in Cancer Trials Ireland.

Terri Conneran is one of the founders of the non-profit group “KRAS Kickers.” She was diagnosed with stage IIIa KRAS + lung cancer and has experienced separate recurrences and has persevered through multiple treatments and has dedicated her time to patient advocacy. Terri has shared her story on national and international platforms and created a community beyond lung cancer for all patients with KRAS-driven cancers.
Dr. Narjust Florez
.Janet Freeman-Daily
Seamus Cotter
Terri Conneran
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