Virtual Tumor Board: Mesothelioma
Podcast | English | 46 Min
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The latest edition of Lung Cancer Considered features a discussion on a virtual tumor board in mesothelioma, involving a case with a 68-year-old male, with 30 pack years smoking history who presents to the ER due to a worsening shortness of breath at rest and with exertion, unresectable mesothelioma with chest wall invasion and pleural effusion thickening with enlarged mediastinal lymph nodes and right chest wall invasion. Thoracentesis revealed a serosanguineous fluid (removed 1.1 l) with improvement of the respiratory symptoms. Cytology was negative for malignancy. Thoracoscopy is done to obtain pleural biopsies. Listen as guests Dr. Aaron Mansfield and Dr. Anna Nowak discuss the case and offer treatment options.
Dr. Aaron Mansfield
Dr. Anna Nowak
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