To claim your IASLC MOC credit, you must first complete your profile to include all of your MOC information (DOB, Diplomate Number).

Please visit this link to complete your profile if it does not include your MOC information.

If you have completed your profile and you do not see your MOC credit available, please confirm that the activity you are claiming MOC credit for aligns with the board information you have provided. We only offer MOC credit for ABIM, APath and ABS. 


Then, upon activity completion you may claim your certificate by completing the following steps:

  • Be sure you are logged in on the IASLC site
    • You can check this by looking at the top right corner of the page--if you see your name, then you are logged in
    • For help logging in, click HERE
  • Click the "My Activities" tab,
    • The default view is your transcript of completed activities
  • To download an individual certificate:
    • Locate the activity for which you would like to print a certificate
    • Click the word "Download" in the Certificate column on the far right side of the page
    • Print or save your certificate
  • You may also print out your full transcript by clicking on the PDF icon on the right side of the page, located just above the listing of completed activities